1. Read the example Complaint Letter below.

(1) Sam Turner
45 Green Road
Highett, Queensland 4516

(2) 30 July 2004

(3) Mr Ian Black
RY Tyre Company
98 High Street
Moneybank Hills, Queensland, 4520

(4) Re: Faulty Budget Brand Tyres

(5) Dear Mr Black

(6) Last week I purchased five Budget Brand tyres with the serial number #04561722. I bought them at your Moneybank Hills shop at 4:00pm on Monday.

(7) Unfortunately, the tyres have not performed satisfactorily. They have all had punctures in them.

(8) Therefore, to solve this problem, I would appreciate a full refund of the tyre cost and compensation for the time I have spent changing flat tyres. I would also like you to cover the cost of the hire car I had to use because my car couldn’t be driven. Enclosed are copies of the receipt for the tyre purchase and the receipt for the hire car.

(9) I am looking forward to your reply and resolution to my problem and will wait for two weeks before seeking third party assistance from Consumer Affairs. Please contact me at the above address or by phone at 0412 344 344.

(10) Sincerely


(11)Sam Turner

(12)cc: Department of Consumer Affairs
(13) Review Date
: 14 August, 2004
(14) Enclosures: copies of receipts for tyres and for hire car

(1) your name and address
(2) the date
(3) name, position and address of the person you are writing to.
(4) the subject of your letter
(5) greeting and name and title of person you are writing to
(6) the product you bought and its reference number
(7) the problem
(8) what you want the company to do
(9) what your next step will be and your telephone contact details
(10) closing
(11) your name and signature
(12) cc = carbon copy (anyone you sent a copy of the letter to)
(13) review date = this is the date that you talked about in (9) = how long you will wait before you take the next step
(14) a list of anything that you attached/enclosed with the letter