You are going to read a story about a someone who had a sickness a few years ago.
When you finish reading, answer these questions.

1. What sickness did the writer have?
2. What were the symptoms?
3. What was the treatment.
4. How did the writer feel when she started to recover?

5. What kind of treatment will she seek next time?

A few years ago I was quite sick. I had bronchitis.

My throat hurt and my chest hurt. I felt like a very heavy person was sitting on my chest! It was really hard to breathe. I had a headache too. I didn't feel like eating anything. I spend ten days in bed. When I got up again I had lost several kilos and I was very weak.

My doctor gave me antibiotics. If I ever get bronchitis again, I think I'll see an acupuncturist. I think maybe it would be more useful than seeing a western doctor.


1. Look at the structure of the writing.
paragraph 1 - the name of the sickness and when the writer had it.
paragraph 2 - the symptoms
paragraph 3 - treatment & what will happen next time

2. Now think about a sickness you have had.
What was it called? What were the symptoms? What was the treatment? How would you treat it next time?


Write about a sickness you have had. Include the name of the sickness, the symptoms and the treatment you had.

(80 - 150 words)

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