You are going to read a story about a famous Australian.
When you finish reading, answer these questions.

1. What field was Bradman famous in - sport, film, TV, music, science?
2. When was he famous?
3. Why was Bradman a hero?
4. What did little boys do?

5. What did he win?

Don Bradman is a famous Australian. He was a cricketer who played for Australia from 1928 to 1948.

He was loved by Australians because he brought hope at time of great economic difficulty. There was a Depression in Australia and in much of the world in the late 1920s and early 1930s. Many people were out of work. Families had no money. The future did not look good.

People looked for heroes. Don Bradman scored more runs in cricket than any other player. He scored them in record time. Don Bradman became an Australian hero. Little boys all started playing cricket. They wanted to be just like Don Bradman. The English cricket team developed strategies to try to stop Bradman scoring runs. Bradman became a legend. He won many international games for Australia. He provided entertainment and hope at a time when Australians needed it. Bradman died in 2001. Today there are songs about him.

1. Look at the structure of the writing.
paragraph 1 - who the person is and what they do
paragraph 2 - background
paragraph 3 - why they are a hero

2. Look at the use of tense.
The story is about someone who is no longer alive. Most of it is written in the past simple tense (was a cricketer, brought hope, scored, became ...).

If the person was still alive and was still performing now, how would the tenses be different?
Some of it would be in the simple past, some of it may be in the present perfect and some of it may be in the present and future.

Look at the tenses used here:
Brad Pitt is an American actor. (simple present)
He has starred in movies like Troy and Seven Years in Tibet. (present perfect)
His current movie is Ocean's Twelve. (simple present)
He has recently split up from his wife, Jennifer Aniston. (present perfect)
His next movie will be Mr and Mrs Smith. (future)

3. Now think about a famous person in your country.
Why do they do (or what did they do)? Why are they famous? What is the background? Why are they popular?


Write about a famous person from your country.

(100 - 175 words)

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