You are going to read about Jenna's hobbies.
When you finish reading, answer these questions.

1. What is her hobby?
2. How often does she do it?
3. How does she feel about her hobby?

My hobby is exercise. I go to the gym five times a week. Three times a week I lift weights and twice a week I use a rowing machine, a treadmill and an exercise bike for a cardio* work-out..

I try to get my heart rate up to 140 - 160 beats per minute. I work very hard, but I never feel tired after the gym. I always feel good and I always enjoy it. I have lots of energy.

*cardio = heart

1. Now think about one of your hobbies.
What is it called? How often do you do it? Why do you enjoy it?


Write about your hobby.

(40 - 80 words)

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