Make sure you read through the movie reviews before you do this writing activity.


Movie Review

1. In a movie review the writer often uses the present simple tense? Why?

Look at these examples from the film reviews in this unit.

1. Toula falls in love with a non-Greek man, Ian.
2. The film focuses on ...
3. The lives of a nurse and two fighter pilots are changed.
4. Evelyn is engaged to one of the pilots, Rafe.
5. Thomas Fowler is a middle-aged newspaper reporter.
6. The movie has a gentle, quiet mood.
7. In icy-cold New Foundland he stumbles into a job.

There are many more examples in the reviews.

Have you seen any good movies recently?
Write a review of one.

(100 - 180 words maximum)

1. Start with a general statement about the movie.
2. You can talk about the story.
3. You can talk about the special FX or the acting/actors.
4. End with your recommendation/opinion.
5. While you are writing, think about your use of tenses.

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