How much do you know about Nepal? Answer the questions and then check your answers by reading the text below.

1. Nepal is between India and _____.
2. The famous mountain range in Nepal is called _____.
3.The official language of Nepal is _____.
4. The population of Nepal is _____.

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Nepal is in Asia between China and India. The climate is surprisingly varied. Summers are cool in the north and winters are severe. In the south summers are sub-tropical and winters are mild. The country experiences severe thunderstorms, flooding and droughts. The country has flat plains near the Ganges river and it has the mountains of the Himalayas. Eight of the world's tallest ten mountains, including Mount Everest, are in Nepal.

The offical language of Nepal is Nepali. It is spoken by 90 percent of the 27 million Nepalese. The literacy rate is only 45 percent.

There have been political problems in Nepal for a number of years. In 1951 a cabinet system of government was introduced. There have been many changes to the system and many who disagree with the system of government. In 2001 the Crown Prince killed 10 members of his family including the King and Queen. Then he took his own life. In 2002 the new king sacked the government. The country is now ruled by a king. Elections are planned for the future.

The life style for most Nepalese is subsistence. They grow their own food and sell whatever is left over. Most people don't have washing machines or other luxuries. They wash their clothes by hand. They live a simple life.