How much do you know about Hawaii? Answer the questions and then check your answers by reading the text below.

1. Hawaii comprises _____ islands.
2. It is _____ kilometres from the US mainland.
3. _____ percent of Hawaiians live in cities.
4. The famous Hawaiian dance is called the _____ dance.

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Hawaii is the 50th state of the America. It is the only Island state and is 3,800 kilometres from the mainland and further south than any other state. It comprises 132 islands in the North Pacific Ocean.

It's population is only 2 million. 12 percent of the population is native Hawaiian. Other significant groups are Pacifc Islanders and Asians.

The official language is English. Hawaiian Pidgin is quite common. It is a mix of native Hawaiian and other languages. 90 percent of people live in cities. Most live in the capital, Honolulu.The biggest industry is tourism.

Hawaii is famous for its beauty and pleasant climate. It has deep blue seas, brilliantly coloured flowers and wonderful palm trees. It is renowned for its magnificent waterfalls and it has several active volcanoes.

The Hawaiian hula dance is known around the world. The Ukelele is an Hawaiian instrument. It was adapted from a small guitar which was introduced by Portuguese workers in the 1800s.