How much do you know about Greece? Answer the questions and then check your answers by reading the text below.
1. The official language of Greece is _____.
2. The population of Greece is _____.
3. If you are invited to a dinner party, you should, _____.
4. Old people are_____.

 Your score is:

Greece is on the Mediterranean sea between Albania and Turkey. It has a population of 10.5 million. The official language is Greek.

The spotlight is on Greece now because it will host the 2004 Olympic Games.

Greece has a temperate climate. It is wet in winter and hot and dry in summer. It is earthquake prone.

Be careful in Greece if you nod or shake your head. To lower your head means 'yes' or 'I agree' in Greece. To lift your head means 'no' or 'I don't agree. Familes are very important in Greece and elders are highly respected.

Greeks are not always punctual for business meetings, but they expect you to be! It is important to establish a friendly relationship before business begins. Trust is more important than qualifications or anything else. Personal meetings are preferred over telephone conversations.

If you are invited to a dinner party, you are expected to be 30 minutes late. If you are invited to dinner at 7pm, you should arrive at 8pm. If there is dancing, try to join in. Your efforts will be appreciated.