We often use would & wouldn't with if.
If I x, I would y.

If I tried harder, I would be top of the class.
If he was more confident, he would ask Sally out on a date.
If she ate more, she would grow taller.
If she ate more, she wouldn't be so skinny.
If he played more sport, he wouldn't be so fat.

If I worked harder, I would get a promotion!

We can turn these sentences around the other way too.
I would y if I x.

I would be top of the class if I tried harder.
He would ask Sally out on a date if he was more confident.
She would grow taller if she ate more.
She wouldn't be so skinny if she ate more.
He wouldn't be so fat if he played more sport.
I would get a promotion if I worked harder.

Write some sentences.
Example: You want more money. You want to live like a king.

1. You want some cooking lessons. Then you will cook more often.

2. Your friend wants to finish studying and start earning some money.

3. You want to win the Gold Medal in the 400 metres swimming. It will make you feel proud.

4. You want to graduate next year. Your mother will be very proud.

5. You want your English classes to be more interesting. You want a different teacher.

6. People should stop dropping rubbish. The police should fine people.

7. You find $1000 dollars. What will you do?

8. When you need money you ask your brother.

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