We often use would & wouldn't with I wish.

(Usually we use I wish +would/wouldn't when we are complaining about something and we want someone to stop an action.)
I wish that terrible noise would stop.
I wish he would play more sport.
I wish he would buy some new clothes.
I wish the teacher would slow down!
I wish he wouldn't leave the door open.
I wish he woudn't let the telephone ring for so long.

Write some sentences. (Note: More than one answer is possible!)
Example: You haven't had a holiday for a long time. You want your boss to give you a holiday.

1. Your husband never cooks dinner. You want him to make dinner sometimes.

2. Your next door neighbour plays drums at 2am. You want him to stop.

3. Your mother rings you every day. You are getting tired of speaking to her all the time.

4. Your dog barks at night and annoys the neighbours.

5. Your English classes are boring. You want the teacher to make them more interesting.

6. A lot of people drop rubbish in the street. You don't like it.

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