Would & wouldn't are sometimes used as the past of will & won't.
present: Mary: I will go shopping later.

past: Mary said she would go shopping later.

present: President: After this year no child will live in poverty.
past: The president said after this year no child would live in poverty.

present: Environmentalist: The world will be a better place for our children.
past: He said the world would be a better place for our children.

present: Scientist: There won't be an earthquake here for 1,000 years.
past: The scientist said there wouldn't be an earthquake here for 100 years.


Rewrite these setnences in the past.
Example: Mary: I will be on time.

1. Weatherman on TV: There will be a thunderstorm tomorrow.

2. Paul: My football team will win the premiership.

3. Ann: Germany won't win the World Cup Football.

4. Jared: I won't be home until 11 o'clock.

5. Joe: Paul won't pass his exams.

6. Paul and Ann: We'll get married in Spring.

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