PREPOSTIONS - of, to & with

OF - frightened of, afraid of, scared of, terrified of
We use OF when we talk about things that give us bad feelings.
She's frightened of the dark. / I'm frightened of spiders.

OF - proud of, ashamed of, jealous of
We use OF to talk about our feeling towards someone or towards behaviour.
I am ashamed of the things I said. / He is proud of his baby daughter.

OF - good of, nice of, clever of, rude of, stupid of, kind of
We use OF when we talk about someone's behaviour.
It was nice of them to visit her in hospital.

TO - engaged to, married to
We use TO when we talk about the person we are married or engaged to.
Is she married to Phil?

TO - kind to, nice to, cruel to, friendly to, polite to, pleasant to
We use TO to talk about behaviour towards another person (or sometimes to an animal).
Terry is cruel to her dog. / Children should be polite to adults.

TO - similar to
We use TO to talk about similarity.
This painting is similar to a Van Gogh painting.

TO - apologise to, complain to
We use TO to talk about apologising or complaining to a particular person.
He was rude. He should apologise to her. / If you are not happy, you can complain to the manager.

WITH - angry with, furious with
We use WITH to talk about anger or fury caused by another person.
I was furious with David for not telling me about the meeting.

WITH - fed up with, bored with
We use WITH to talk about feelings caused by something.
I was fed up with her rudeness. / The children were bored with the movie.

Put in the missing word.

1. Paul if very kind his parents.
2. Andrew is furious Bob for spending so much money.
3. Alex apologised the old lady.
4. Andrea is married to Andrew.
5. I think I am jealous Paul's beautiful hair.
6. It was stupid me to forget to bring my wallet!

7. Alex apologised the old lady.
8. Lucy is terrified spiders.
9. I'm fed up never having any money.
10. My new car is similar my old one.

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