Look at the pronouns in the sentences below.

It belongs to me. It is my bag. The bag is mine.
It belongs to you. It is your bag. The bag is yours.
It belongs to her. It is her bag. The bag is hers.
It belongs to him. It is his bag. The bag is his.
It belongs to us. It is our bag. The bag is ours.
It belongs to them. It is their bag. The bag is theirs.

Now put the correct pronoun into each sentence below.
Example: The dog is . (Paul and Mary)

1. The book is . (Alice)
2. It is
car. (Paul and I)
3. The money is
. (Jill and I)
4. It is horse. (Bill)
5. It is key. (Bill and Sue)
6. It belongs to
. (Sue and I)
7. It is
purse. (Mary)
8. It could be . (John and Mary)
9. The money is . (you)
10. Is this
car? (you)

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