Many people learning English make mistakes with too

We usually use too when something is not good. Look at these sentences.
It's too hot today. (= I don't like this weather.)
These shoes are too big. (= I need smaller shoes.)
Ferraris are too expensive. (= I haven't got enough money to buy a Ferrari.)
The movie was too long. (= I like shorter movies.)
Her voice is too quiet. (= I can't hear her.)
Is it too late to join the class? (=Can I still join?)

We can use too with never and not.
You are never too old to start exercising. (=You can start at any age.)
It's never too late to start learning a language.(= You can start now.)

Its meaning is a little different in these sentences.
Here it is used as a positive thing.
He's too nice to be a politician. (= He is very nice. Politicians are not nice. I can't believe that he is a politician.)

Here it is used as understatement.
She's not too happy. (= She is angry.)
He's not too clever. (= He is stupid.)

Make sentences using too.
Example: (I'm big. The coat is small.)

1. (I can't read now. It is very dark.)

2. (I can't go on holiday. I am very busy.)

3. I can't lift the bag. It is very heavy.)

4. She speaks very quickly. I cannot understand her.

5. I am tired. I don't want to watch a movie.

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