We use do & does in present simple questions and negative sentences.

Do you like chocolate?
Do I like chocolate?
Do we like chocolate?
Do they like chocolate?

Does he like chocolate?
Does she like chocolate?
Does it like chocolate?

Negative sentences:
I don't like chocolate.
You don't like chocolate.
We don't like chocolate.
They don't like chocolate.

He doesn't like chocolate.
She doesn't like chocolate.
It doesn't like chocolate.

Write questions.
Example: He runs fast.

1. She plays football.
2. They like horror movies.

3. We work very hard.

4. It loves chocolate.
5. The dog loves chocolate.

Write negative sentences.
Example: Cows eat meat.

1. Jack wears dresses.
2. Paul plays violin.

3. They eat frogs.

4. We drink lemonade.
5. Nurses fix cars.

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