As you read the story, think about the answers to these questions.
1. According to the Celts, what happened every year on October 31?
2. Which three cultures mixed together to produce Halloween?

What is Halloween?
Halloween is celebrated in America on 31 October. It is a time of ghosts and fun.

"Trick or treat. Smell my feet. Give me something good to eat."

Families decorate their houses with lots of small lights outdoors. They cut faces in pumpkins and put candles in side. Some neighbourhoods look like a fairyland. Children go around the neighbourhood knocking on doors and saying ‘trick or treat’. The family must give them sweets. If they don’t, the children play a trick on them!

picture of jack o lanternHow did Halloween begin?
Halloween began thousands of years ago in Britain and France. A group of people called the Celts used to live in Britain and Northern France. The Celts believed that every year on the last day of October, the souls of the dead visited the earth. Black cats, evil spirits and magic were part of their celebration.
Later the Romans invaded and brought Pomona Day with them. It was celebrated at the beginning of November. They celebrated the gods that brought them food. Their celebration involved nuts, apples and fresh food.
In the year 835 the Christians began celebrating November 1 as a holiday to honour the dead. It was called All Hallows Day. The customs from all these cultures mixed together. The people celebrated All Hallows Eve on October 31st. This became known as Halloween.