1. We use some in positive sentences with uncountable and plural nouns. We also use it in questions when we ask for things or offer things.
     There is some sugar in the bowl.(positive sentence, uncountable noun)
     There are some biscuits on the plate. (positive sentence, plural noun)
     Could I have some cake? (question asking for something)
     Would you like some peanuts? (question offering something)

2. We use any in questions and negative sentences with uncountable and plural nouns.
      Is there any cake? (question- uncountable noun)
     Are there any cookies? (question - countable noun)
     We haven't got any orange juice. (negative sentence)
     We haven't got any more glasses. (negative setence)

Put in the correct word; some or any.
1. I haven't read of the Harry Potter books.
2. Have you seen of the Harry Potter movies?
3. Would you like coke?
4. Did you eat breakfast?
5. There is rice in the cupboard.
6. Have we got salt?
7. Would you like salt?
8. Can you bring milk when you come home?
9. There are cookies left in the jar.
10. Would you like lunch?
11. Did he have lunch?
12. Could I have more money?.