As you read the story, think about the answers to these questions.
1. Is it a good place to go swimming?
2. What is the climate like in Cairns?

Cairns is a Good Place to Visit

'The water is clean and warm'

A good place to visit in Australia is Cairns. It is in the north east of Australia on the Great Barrier Reef. I went there a few years ago. The water is clean and warm. When you swim you can see beautiful fish. They are blue, yellow, green, pink, red and black. The colours are amazing. The plants and coral are colourful too.

You can go snorkeling or SCUBA diving or you can paddle on a kayak. There are islands with great beaches. The weather is warm in winter and hot in summer.

I think that I could spend the rest of my life relaxing in the water near Cairns.