myself            yourself            himself / herself / itself
ourselves        yourselves        themselves

Look at these sentences.
1. Timothy dressed himself.
2. When the teacher didn't come, they studied by themselves.
3. Some airport staff were on strike, so we had to carry our luggage ourselves.
4. Nobody ever cleans the bathroom! I always have to do it myself!
5. I have to go out for ten minutes, will you be okay here by yourself?
6. The dog hurt itself jumping over a fence.

When do we use reflexive pronouns?
1. We use reflexive pronouns when the subject and object are the same.

2. We don't use reflexive pronouns after 'relax, concentrate and feel.'
3. We sometimes use them to express surprise. For example look at the sentence 'Timothy dressed himself.' We would use this is Timothy is very young and we are surprised that he can dress himself. Or we might use it if Timothy is an adult, but has been very sick.

Put in the correct reflexive pronoun.
The first one has been done for you as an example.
1. Paul dried .

2. Mara and Rick bought a new car.
3. Nobody taught her how to sing. She taught .
4. I can't belive that he painted it .
5. Sometimes I look at in the mirror and I think I don't look so bad!
6. Please help to some cake or coffee.
7. The computer is okay now. It seems to have repaired .
8. Sometimes women look after everyone else, but they don't look after .