Preposition & noun
BY - by car, by train, by plane

We use BY to talk about how we will travel.
She's arriving by bus.

BY - by tomorrow, by Wednesday, by next week, by September
We use BY to talk about when something will have happened.
The test results will be available by tomorrow.( = It won't happen later than tomorrow!)

BY - by Chomsky, by Van Gogh, by Speilberg
We used BY to talk about who did something.
The film was directed by Spielberg.

ON - on television, on the radio, on the news
We use ON to talk about things we hear or see on television, the radio or the Internet.

I heard it on television.

ON - on Wednesday, on the weekend, on May 14th
We use ON to talk about when something will happen.
(Note: We can't say: on tomorrow, on next week, on next month, on next year)
It's Charlie's birthday on Friday.

ON - on a diet, on strike
We use ON to talk about diets and strikes.
She is on a diet. / They are on strike.

IN - in a minute, in a few months, in a few moments
We use IN to say that something will happen after a period of time.
You have been very sick, but you'll start to feel better in a few months.

IN - in the meantime, in the next few months, in the next ten years
We use IN to mean 'during.'
The economy will start to improve in the next few months.

IN - in the newspaper, in a magazine
We use IN when we talk about information or pictures we see in printed documents.
I read about it in The Bulletin.

IN - in my opinion
We use IN to talk about our opinions
In my opinion The Last Samurai is the best movie this year.

FOR - for a swim, for dinner, for a walk, for a holiday
We use FOR to talk about a temporary action.
We're going out for dinner tonight. / He's taking the dog for a walk.

FOR - for breakfast, for lunch, for dinner, for a snack
We use FOR to talk about food we ate during a particular meal.
She eats fruit for breakfast.

FOR - for example, for instance
We use FOR to introduce an example.
Australian children play lots of sport. For example, all children learn swimming at school and they play sports for at least two hours a week.

Put the correct preposition into the sentences below (in, on, for, by)
1. We're going to New Zealand plane .
2. The new school will be finished a few months.
3. Hospital staff are strike.
4. What do you usually eat breakfast?
5. my opinion, Harry Potter is one of the best children's stories ever written.
6. the next 20 years people will start living on the moon.
7. I'll be ready a few minutes..
8. The Lord of the Rings was written Tolkien.
9. I heard about the terrible earthquake the news.
10. I think I should go a diet.
11. I read about the royal wedding the newspaper.
12. We're going to Paris a holiday in June.