News readers often use the present perfect tense. They use it because they want to make the news sound like it is important now.

Listen to this news story and answer the questions below.
Which sentence describes the story best? Choose a,b or c.

1. a. 15 people have died on a bus.
b. 50 people have died in a traffic accident.
c. 15 people have died in Sydney.
2. a. 20 people on a bus have died.
b. Plenty of people have been taken to hospital.
c. 20 people have been taken to hospital.

a. Queen Elizabeth has said she will retire.
b. Queen Elizabeth has spoken about the British Prime Minister.
c. Prince Charles has become king.

4. a. 30 people have died in floods in Korea.
b. 13 people have died in floods in the Busan area.
c. 30 people died in Busan.
5. a. The Peruvian government has killed 400 sea-lions.
b. The death of 500 sea-lions is horrible.
c. 400 sea-lions have died in Peru.         

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