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Do you like dogs? Some people breed them for a hobby. Read about it and check the vocabulary.


My hobby is breeding dogs. I have a male and two female poodles. They are all pedigree. I love breeding, but it is quite expensive and time consuming.

I have a lot of vet fees. I have to look after the pups for 6 weeks and then I have to pay for advertising to find homes for them. So I will never get rich from breeding, but it is wonderful to see the pups born and to watch my dogs being mothers. The pups are beautiful. It is very hard to give them away sometimes!

I am interested in improving the breed. There are many poodles with ear problems and hip problems. My poodles don’t have these problems. I often bring in other males to act as studs and I sometimes keep some of the offspring to breed from. I research the family trees to make sure I make a good match for the dogs. I am very interested in genetics. It is a fascinating area. I allow the females to have a litter every second year.

My aim is to breed perfect poodles. I am concerned about their health, their appearance and their temperament.


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