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My hobbies are reading, travelling and watching movies. I read one or two books a week. Science fiction books are my favourite, but sometimes I read detective stories too. I love movies and I go to the cinema once a week. I like all kinds of movies except horror. I get frightened when I watch horror. I recently saw the first ‘Lord of the Rings’ movie. I enjoyed that. I read the book many years ago when I was a teenager.

Travelling is wonderful. I have been all over Europe. I’ve been to Africa and Eygpt. I’ve been to America and New Zealand. It was fabulous seeing the pyramids in Egypt. We rode on camels in a camel-train. That was wild! The pyramids are stunning, they are so big and so old. New Zealand was wonderful. Everything was so clean. The air was clean, the cities were clean, the rivers, the mountains, everything. People were very friendly.

I am planning my next two trips now. My next trip is to China. I have seen documentaries about Shanghai. It looks like a wonderful mix of old and new. I want to go to Beijing too. I want to see the Forbidden Palace and I am going to walk along the Great Wall of China. For the trip after that I am going to go to South America.


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