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David has been travelling through South America. Read about his travels around Peru. First here is some vocabulary that might be useful.

dashboard - part of a car in front of the driver and passenger / area where the instruments are
endless miles - long distances
crowded - there are many people
mist - the air is not clear
a bar - a hotel / a place to drink alcohol
catered to - had things for
to hike - to walk
altitude sickness - sick from the height of the land / high above sea-level
terraces - like large steps where people can grow food in the mountains.

Today I crossed the border from Ecuador into Peru. In Piura a friendly passenger helped me to catch a bus to Chiclayo. The bus was full, so I had to sit on the dashboard. But who cares? After three hours I changed buses and caught a bus to Lima. We passed endless miles of sugarcane. I got a seat this time, but the bus was really crowded. I got into Lima the next day at 10am. The air was strange. The locals call it the 'garua'. It is a kind of mist. I met Sue and Al. I'd met them once before in Ecuador. We went to a bar. The folk music was wonderful. It was like being in a dream.

A couple of days later I was back on a bus. This time I was on my way to Cuzco. I slept on the bus. I was amazed in Cuzco. There were so many foreigners. Everything catered to foreigners - restaurants, Internet cafes, tourist agencies, everything! I met some Canadians who were planing to hike along an Inca trail to Macchu Picchu. I wanted to join them, but I had altitude sickness. I found a motel that cost $5 a night. I slept for almost twenty-four hours. The next day I took a train to Macchu Picchu. The trip took four hours. Wow! It was fascinating. Many buildings had been destroyed by earthquakes. The Spanish destroyed religious symbols all over Peru, but they didn't find Macchu Picchu, so there are some old religious symbols there. There were terraces where the people used to grow food. After about five hours I caught the train back. It started raining heavily just as we left. Next day I went to the hot springs in Agua Caliente. Then I flew back to Lima and left Peru the next day.

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