dealer = car yard / business which sells cars
guarantee of title=
proof that the person who says they own the car actually does own the car
warranty =
if something goes wrong in the first 90 days, the dealer will fix the car at no cost to you
online =
on the internet

BUYING A USED CAR 3 (page 1)

Where to Buy a Car

There are several places you can buy a car; a car dealer, an auction, on the internet or privately.

Check the vocabulary on the left and then listen to the recording and put in the missing words.

If you buy a car privately, it's than a dealer, but you don’t get a guarantee title, you don’t get a warranty and you’ve got legal protection.

If you buy online, the person advertising be a dealer. If it is, then the conditions the usual conditions for a dealer. If the advertisement private, then the usual conditions for a private sale .

If you buy at an auction, you’ll find that there’s warranty and no legal protection, but you do a guarantee of title and it’s cheaper than a .

If you buy from a dealer, it is more , but you get a guarantee of title, a warranty legal protection.