BUYING A USED CAR 1 (page 1)

A shiny new car would be great. All we have to do is pay and there it is. Easy! Right?

Well, no. It isn't quite that easy. First we have to decide what kind of car we want. Then we have to find one. Then we have to check it. Then there's lots of paperwork to complete. Yuk!

What kind of car do we want?
Things to think about here are:

budget - How much do I want to spend?
extra costs - When I buy the car I'll have to pay stamp duty and transfer fees. I may also have to pay registration and insurance.
fuel costs
- Is the car fuel efficient? How much can I spend on petrol each week?
colour - White and yellow are more visible than other colours. Is the colour important to me?
size - I don't need a big car. Will a small 4 cylinder car do? Do I need 4 doors, or is 2 doors okay?