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Look at this list of uncountable nouns. Some of them are countable in other languages. They have been marked with an asterisk*.

Abstract concepts ...
advice, courage, enjoyment, fun, help, honesty, information*, intelligence, knowledge*, patience, progress*, research
Activities ...
chess, homework, housework, music, reading, singing, sleeping, soccer, tennis, work*
Food ...
beef, bread*, butter, fish, macaroni, meat, pasta*, popcorn, pork, poultry, toast
Gases ...
air, exhaust, helium, hydrogen, oxygen, nitrogen, pollution, smog, smoke, steam
Liquids ...
blood, coffee, gasoline, milk, oil, soup, syrup, tea, water, wine
Materials ...
aluminum, asphalt, chalk, cloth, concrete, cotton, glue, lumber, money*, wood, wool
Natural events ...
electricity, gravity, heat, humidity, moonlight, rain, snow, sunshine, thunder, weather
Other items ...
baggage*, clothing, furniture*, garbage*, hardware, luggage*, equipment*, mail, money, software, vocabulary
Particles or grains ...
corn, dirt, dust, flour, hair, pepper, rice, salt, sugar, wheat

Look at the sentences below. For each one, decide if it needs the or nothing (x).
the - specific meaning
x - general meaning

1. bread is too expensive these days. (general)
2. coffee you bought is delicious. Where'd you get it? (specific)
3. I love music.(general)
4. Sam, could you take out garbage? (specific)
5. I hate seeing blood. (general)
6. pollution is getting worse. (general)

7. smog hanging over the city this morning is dangerous for our health.
8. advice my teacher gave me was really useful!
9. I hate meat.
10. Oh dear! Where did I put chalk?
11. weather is fantastic at the moment.
12. He plays tennis really well.

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