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Some nouns are countable and some are uncountable.

COUNTABLE NOUNS are things we can count.
1 dog, 2 dogs, 3 dogs, ...
1 chair, 2 chairs, ... 107 chairs ...

UNCOUNTABLE NOUNS are things we can't count.
water, music, information

We use articles (a/an/the) with both countable and uncountable nouns. We call a and an indefinite articles and the a definite article.

We use the indefinite article with singular countable nouns.
a dog
a girl
a house

We often use some with plural countable nouns when we don't say the exact number.
some dogs
some girls
some houses

We use the definite article when we are talking about a specific thing.
The dog with the long black hair.
The girl I met yesterday.
The house I lived in when I was young.

indefinite article

a / an (some)

definite article



a dog
I'd like to have a dog.

a house
Homeless people don't have a house.

the dog
I love the dog next door.

the house
The house we are building has 3 bedrooms.


some dogs
Some dogs are trained to attack.

some houses
Some houses in Australia have air-conditioning.

the dogs
The dogs on TV are so well trained!

the houses
The houses in my area are very old.

Put in the missing words (a / an / the / some)

1. Please pass me plate. (General - I don't mind which plate.)
2. Would you like new car. (General)
3. Please pass me book on the TV. (Specific - the book on the TV)
4. Would you like last piece of cake? (Specific - there is only one piece left!)
5. people are crazy! (General)
6. cars use a lot of petrol. (General)
7. people next door are vey friendly. (Specific - people next door)
8. dinner we had last night was delicious. (Specific - dinner we had last night.)

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