conjunctions (page 2)



We use or to express two choices.
I’d like to go to Tahiti or Hawaii.
We can go to a restaurant or we can have dinner at home.

Nor is used in the negative.
John didn’t pay his fees nor did Bill.
I don’t like fish nor do I like chicken.
The cat didn’t eat its food nor did it drink its milk.

Note: Nor is followed by a verb and then the subject.
John didn’t pay his fees. Bill didn’t pay his fees.
John didn’t pay his fees nor did Bill.

Join the ideas in these sentences using nor.

1. I haven't got a home. I haven't got any money.

2. Mary wasn't there. Pete wasn't there.

3. I can't find the cat. I can't find the dog.

4. I don't like superman. I don't like batman.

5. There wasn't enough cake. There wasn't enough coffee.

6. She couldn't find the office. She couldn't find the classroom.