conjunctions (page 1)


A JUNCTION is a place where two or more roads meet.

A CONJUNCTION is where two or more ideas meet. A conjunction can be used to join words, clauses, phrases or sentences.

Some common conjunctions are:
or / nor
but / however
therefore / thus / hence /as a result / so / because
when / while
after / when / as soon as
despite / although

a. I walked to the door. I opened it. >> I walked to the door and I opened it.*
b. Sam has a dog. Frieda has a cat. >> Sam has a dog and Frieda has a cat.
* In American English this would have a comma.
I walked to the door, and I opened it.

And is probably the simplest conjunction. Here are some more examples with and.
I have a brother and a sister.
I have a red jacket and a brown one.
I have two dogs, a cat and a bird.