can & could & be able to (page 1)


Look at the sentences below. What do can and could mean in each sentence?

1. You can see the ocean from my window. (more examples)
2. She can speak 7 languages.(more examples)
3. Her mum said she can sleep at her friend’s house tonight. (more examples)  
4. Can I get you anything? (more examples)
5. I could play piano when I was young (more examples)
6. Could you pick that up for me please? (more examples)
7. I could smell fire. (more examples)
8. My grandfather said he could speak 23 languages. (more examples)  
9. When I was young, I was a fast runner. I could beat everybody. (more examples)  
10. I couldn’t imagine life without a computer. (more examples)  
11. We were able to rescue the puppies.(more examples)