AS (page 1)


As has many different meanings. We are going to look at some of them in this lesson.
Look at the sentences below. What do you think as means in each sentence?

1. So long as you are here, you should stay for dinner. (more examples)
2. She worked as a waitress when she was at university.(more examples)
3. He believed, as did everyone at that time, that the world was flat. (more examples)
4. I haven’t got as much money as I thought I had.(more examples)
5. You can’t marry him! He’s twice as old as you! (more examples)
6. You can take my car as long as you don’t have an accident. (more examples)
7. As a matter of fact, it is my house, not yours! (more examples)
8. She’s got beauty as well as brains. (more examples)
9. As I get older, I get smarter. (more examples)
10. He’s not as experienced as you. (more examples)
11. She described her ideal man as dark, handsome and clever. (more examples)