AS (page 1)


As has many different meanings. We are going to look at some of them in this lesson.
Look at the sentences below. What do you think as means in each sentence?

1. He arrived just as we were leaving. (more examples)
2. I’ll never speak to him again as long as I live. (more examples)
3. As long as you have some free time, we should go and see a movie. (more examples)
4. We bought the furniture as is. (more examples)
5. On this issue they though as one. (more examples)
6. As talented as he was, he couldn’t find a job. (more examples)
7. As she had nothing to do, we went to see a movie. (more examples)
8. It looks as if it is going to rain. / It looks as though it is going to rain. (as if = as though) (more examples)
9. He behaved as though he had never met her. / He behaved as if he had never met her before. (as if = as though) (more examples)
10. Inasmuch as the staff and managers could not reach an agreement, the possibility of resolving the conflict was remote. (more examples)