Nouns with most & almost
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Many people get MOST & ALMOST confused.
Let’s look at how we use them.
Do we use them both in the same way?

1. Most children are noisy.
2. Almost all children are noisy.

1. Most modern cars are expensive.
2. Amost all modern cars are exp

1. Most sad movies make me cry.
2. Almost all sad movies make me cry.

1. Most people enjoy chocolate.
2. Almost everyone enjoys chocolate.

The difference is that with almost we have to follow it with a word like all, everyone, everybody or everything.

Finish these sentences with most or almost.

1. everyone in China has black hair..
2. people like pop music.
3. all my friends enjoy sushi.

4. everything she cooks is delicious.
5. I think sports are good exercise.
6. all sports are fun to watch.
7. students study very hard.
8. She believes that all children have good hearts.

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