Nouns with a little, a few,
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Now let's look at A LITTLE and A FEW .

We use a few with countable, plural nouns.
We use a little with uncountable nouns.

We’ve got a few minutes left.
     (minutes =countable plural)
We’ve got a little time left.
     (time – uncountable)

So you need to think about the noun and decide if it is countable or uncountable.
Look at the sentences below. Put in the missing words - a few or a little.

1. There are magazines on the table.
2. I heard songs on the radio.
3. Could I have more sugar in my tea?

4. You should show more respect.
5. Anson plays games of golf each week.
6. Anders plays table tennis times each week.
7. Jilly plays golf.
8. They have been to concerts.

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