Nouns with a lot of, plenty of
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We'll start by looking at a lot of and plenty of. We use them both with uncountable nouns and countable, plural nouns.

Look at these sentences.
1. There is a lot of bread left.
2. There is plenty of bread left.
3. There are a lot of people at the concert.
4. There is a lot of water in the dam.
5. There is plenty of water in the dam.
6. There are a lot of bananas.
7. There are plenty of bananas.

In the sentences above, we have two sentences about the bread, the dam and bananas, but only one sentence about the people at the concert? Why? Why didn't we say, 'There are plenty of people at the concert?'

The reason is that plenty means more than enough. It would be strange to say that there were more than enough people at a concert.



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