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What is a holiday? The word ‘holiday’ is a very old word. It used to be ‘holy day’. ‘Holy’ means ‘respect for God’. Sunday was a ‘holy day’. When I was a young girl, shops in Australia were closed on Sundays because Sunday was God’s day. People didn’t work. It was a day to rest and a day to think of God. People went to church on Sundays. Christmas and Easter were also ‘holy days’. They were times to think of God. But today the meaning of ‘holiday’ is different.

Saturday and Sunday are not holidays, they are just the weekend. Most people work Monday to Friday. They don’t work on the weekend. Holidays are days when usually people work, but they have a day off instead.

Most people in Australia get 4 weeks holiday a year. They don’t have to go to work during this time. Other holidays are Australia Day and the Queen’s Birthday.

School children get 6 weeks holidays over summer and two weeks of holidays in April, July and September.

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