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Read about Christmas in different countries.

Do people in your country celebrate Christmas? It is celebrated in different ways in different countries.

In SWEDEN people begin celebrating on December 13th. The children bring their parents coffee, buns and cookies. On December 23rd the family decorates the Christmas tree. On December 24th they have a big family dinner. After dinner they give out presents.

In RUSSIA Christmas begins with the Feast of St Nicholas on December 6th. On Christmas Eve Russians have a dinner with no meat. They eat a special dish called Kutya. It is made of grains and symbolises hope and long life. It is covered in honey and poppy seeds to bring happiness and success. Some families throw a spoonful of kutya up to the ceiling. If the kutya stays there, it will bring good luck.

Christmas in ARGENTINA is hot. Christmas dinner is often served outdoors in a garden. Groups of people go from house to house singing carols. Children leave water and food outside so that the horses who help to bring the presents can have a drink.

In AMERICA people eat turkey on Christmas day. Children find their presents under the tree.

Christmas in AUSTRALIA is always hot. It is in summer. Many people still follow the English tradition of having turkey, ham and roast vegetables. Some people have Christmas dinner on the beach. During December there are ‘Candles by Candlelight’ in cities across Australia. Thousands of people gather to watch singers perform Christmas songs. The audience joins in and thousands of people sing.

Recently JAPANESE people have started to celebrate Christmas. They sometimes decorate a Christmas tree and eat turkey. A god called Hoteiosho brings gifts. He has eyes in the back of his head so he can see all the children to be sure that they are well behaved!

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