Do you have to give a presentation? It can be quite frightening, can't it? Some people say it is the thing that they fear most in the world! There are some steps that you can take to make it easier. Begin by breaking it down into steps.

You need to think about the three stages:
1. Understanding the task
2. Preparing and planning the task
3. Delivering the presentation

1. Understanding the Task
(Choose the best word to fill each gap.)

a. Make sure you understand the topic or question you are looking at. If you don't understand, do some research and ask for help.
b. List the ideas that you want to
your audience.
c.Think about the level.
For example, if you are an engineer and you are talking about a building project
how would you present the information group of engineers? How would you present it to a public meeting? How would you present it to a group of teenagers at school?
Think about the level of your audience and the level you need to deliver the information.
d. List what the audience
or achieved at the end of the presentation.