Make sure you read through the three lessons on correspondence (5H, 5I & 5J) before you do this writing activity.



Smith & Brown Solicitors
1400 Fifth Avenue,
Mornington, Sydney 2234
(02) 5555-6239

Dec 10, 2004

Subject: Letter of Recommendation for Miss Jane Smith

To Whom It May Concern:

Jane worked under my supervision as a legal assistant from September 1997 until November 2004. Her responsibilities included conducting research and interviews, front office supervision and clerical duties. During the course of her employment, Jane proved herself to be a reliable and hard working employee.

I was impressed by Jane’s ability to meet deadlines. Her research was always thorough and comprehensive, and her fact checking always accurate. She managed the front office team in a friendly, but efficient manner. She worked well as a team member, a team leader and could work unsupervised.

Jane was a very conscientious and able employee. She left Smith & Brown in order to move interstate. We were sad to see her go and she is sorely missed. I strongly recommend Jane for any senior legal assistant position. I believe she will be an asset to any company she works for. I wish her all the best for the future.


Bruce Barryford, LLB
Smith & Brown

Look at the features of a Recommendation Letter
1. formating - the sender's name and address is included at the top, the date is included
2. The first paragraph includes your relationship with the employee and how long they worked with your company. It can also includes their duties.
3. The second paragraph provides a more detailed evaluation of the employee and a list of any important accomplishments. You should include their strengths(things they are good at) and shortcomings(things they are not good at) and how they interacted with others.
4. The third paragraph gives a broad summary statement. You should include the degree to which you recommend the employee (without reservation, strongly, highly, no adverb at all).
5. Before you begin writing the letter, you might want to ask the employee for a list of his or her achievements.


An employee has asked you for a letter of recommendation. You can use your imagination to write about their duties and to supply their name and the name of the company.

Write them a letter to thank them for the opportunity.

(250 words maximum)

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