Make sure you read through the three lessons on correspondence (5H, 5I & 5J) before you do this writing activity.



Golden Globe Catering
33 Miller Street
West End, Tasmania 7034

Friday, 10 December 2004

Miss Mabel Chong
ABC Technics
45 Smith Street
Collingwood, Tasmania 7003

Dear Ms Chong

Congratulations on your new cafeteria and thank you for considering Golden Globe Catering to manage it. I can assure you that we have both the capability and the experience to manage the task.

Your letter of December 8 indicated some urgency in completing a budget and submitting a proposal. Our proposal will be hand delivered on Tuesday December 14. I have included a chart of the various functions we can perform and I have outlined a recommended suite of choices with a budget.In consideration of a three year contract further discounts may be available.

I would be delighted to meet you personally and I am hoping that you will have had an opportunity to review our proposal by Monday 20 December. I will call to set an appointment.

If I maybe of further assistance before then, please contact me on 06 5554 3333.

Your Sincerely

Bruce Gooding
Golden Globe Catering

Look at the features of a Response Letter
1. formating - the sender's name and address is included at the top, the date is included
2. The first paragraph includes some kind of congratulations, and reference to the topic.
3. The second paragraph outlines any action you are going to take.
4. The third paragraph outlines how we are going to follow up (what we are going to do next).
5. We know the name of the person we are writing to, so we can sign it 'Yours Sincerely.'


You work for a stationery supplier. A large company called ABC Bricks has informed you that you have been short-listed for an opportunity to supply its stationery. They require your proposal in two weeks.

Write them a letter to thank them for the opportunity.

(250 words maximum)

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