MEETINGS (page 1)

Business people often have to participate in meetings. Meetings can be difficult if they are in your first langauge. Today many companies have an international workforce. The common language is English, so the language of the meeting is ... English! It is hard to avoid, you need to know some of the common language used in meetings and what it means.

As well as the meaning of the words, you need to know what they signal ... does it mean the speaker is genuinely asking for opinions? Does it mean that the speaker expects that their point of view will be, and should be, accepted? Does it mean that it is time to move on to another point? Is the speaker insulting the people around them? Is the speaker giving a strong opinion or a tentative one? Is the speaker playing devil's advocate? Agghhh! It's not easy! You have to negotiate both language and culture. They are intertwined.

Look at some of the vocabulary used in the writing above. What does it mean?
to participate in


to signal

to insult


devil's advocate