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National Heroes

You will hear a story about two Australian heroes. Some words are missing.
Listen and put in the missing words.

1929 was the beginning of a difficult time for many Australians. It was the beginning of The Great Depression. 35 percent of people lost their jobs. There wasn’t enough work; there wasn’t enough money and there wasn’t food.

Two things brought hope to many Australians during the Depression years. The first one was a called Pharlap and the second was a sportsman called Don Bradman.

Pharlap won almost horse race he entered. The people loved him. They believed that the only way beat him was to find a horse with wings! Pharlap was an Australian hero. his body stands proudly in the Melbourne Museum.

Don Bradman was a cricketer and greatest batsman of all time. He made more runs than any player before him; an average of nearly 100. Australians loved him. He brought good news at difficult time in Australia’s history.


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