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The Gold Rush

Read about the Gold Rush. Some words are missing. Choose the best word to fill each gap.

The 1850s were an exciting time in Australia. Gold was discovered. Many people who at the gold fields early made a lot of money. Ex-prisoners and people from the US, Europe and China became rich. Gold miners their money back to Melbourne, Sydney and country towns and built magnificent houses. The government spent a lot of money on public buildings. Many of Australia's most beautiful old buildings were built at this time.

One famous gold mining city is Ballarat in Victoria. Many people rich there. Today there is an historical town called Sovereign Hill in Ballarat. You can see shops, schools, streets and houses from the 1850s. You can see how the miners and their families lived. You can pan for gold in the river or go underground into a mine.

The Gold Rush is an important time in Australia's history. It is a time when the population grew very quickly. People around the world heard about the gold and came to try to make money. Some were successful, some weren't. Many in Australia.

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