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The First Europeans in Australia

You are going to read about and hear about the first Europeans to arrive in Australia.

Before you listen and read, look at the questions below. Try to answer them now. How many can you get right?

Read the story below. Listen to the sound and answer the questions again. How many can you get right now?


Read the questions and choose yes or no.

yes    no 1. There were too many prisoners in Britain.
yes    no 2. Australia had too many workers.
yes    no 3. In 1877 the first ships from Britain arrived in Australia.
yes    no 4. Australia needed workers.
yes    no 5. Prisoners planted food.
yes    no 6. 18,500 British prisoners came to Australia.
yes    no 7. Australia's population grew slowly.
yes    no 8. By 1850 there were 100,000 people.

Score =
Correct answers:

The first Europeans in Australia were from England and Ireland. Prisons in Britain were dirty and overcrowded. Britain needed to reduce the number of people in prison. Australia needed people to cut down trees and build houses and farms.

The British government had the perfect answer. They sent the prisoners to Australia.

Listen to the next part of the story and decide if the sentences above are correct.

Congratulations! You have completed this lesson.
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