Vacation English Course




Music is an important part of Aboriginal life. It is used to tell stories.


These two men are playing didgeridoos. Didgeridoos are made from trees. The inside has been eaten by ants.

To play a didgeridoo you have to blow out through your mouth and breath in through your nose at the same time. It is called circular breathing.

The sound of the digeridoo is a low rythmic humming. It can be used to make the sounds of nature.
Listen to a didgeridoo!


Clapsticks are another important instrument. They are about 30 centimetres long and are tapped together to make a rythmic sound.

They are used at corroborees.



These men are at a corroboree. You can see the man on the left is using clapsticks.

A Corroboree is a celebration where a traditional dance is performed. Like their art and music, Aboriginal Corroborees tell stories about history and nature.


Aborigines had traditional weapons and they have a vast knowledge of nature.


Boomerangs are a well known weapon. They were used to hunt birds and large animals. The kind in the picture come back to you.

Other kinds of boomerangs were used to hunt large animals and they weren't designed to come back.



Some interesting methods of hunting were used. Spears were used for fishing. Traditional Aborigines still hunt this way today.

Aborigines also have a vast knowedge of nature. Some Aborigines use leaves from a particular tree to catch fish. They pick the leaves and use the bark from the tree and throw it into the lake. This suffocates the fish and they float to the top. The hunters simply pick up the fish and take them home.


Aboriginal women have a wonderful knowledge of plants and use them for medicine. Western doctors are learning a lot from traditional Aborigines.

The women have medicines for headaches, coughs, colds, fever, diarrhoea, cuts, stings, sore eyes, toothache, aches, pains and more. Scientists can see that many of their cures share the same chemical base as modern medicines.


Listen and answer the questions.
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