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When is Christmas?

Australians love public holidays. We don't always know what they celebrate, but it is good to have a day off work or school!

Do you know when these holidays are? Do you know what they celebrate?
See how many you can guess.


1. New Year
2. Australia Day
3. Good Friday
4. Easter Monday
5. ANZAC Day
6. Queen's Birthday
7. Christmas
8. Boxing Day

Check your answers here.

New Year is celebrated on 1 January each year. Many people have a party with their friends to celebrate the new year. The party begins on New Year's Eve. At midnight everyone sings a traditional song 'Auld Lang Syne' and wishes everyone a happy New Year. There are fireworks all over the country.

Australia Day is on January 26. It celebrates the day the first people came to Australia from Britain in 1788. Before this only Aboringines lived in Australia.

Good Friday and Easter Monday are both part of a religious celebration that is held in March or April each year. They celebrate the day that Jesus was put on the cross and died and the day that he came back to life. At Easter people give each other chocolate eggs.

ANZAC Day is on 25 April. It is a day to remember the soldiers who fought in World Wars 1 & 2.

Queen's Birthday is held on different days in different parts of Australia. Most states celebrate it in June. Some states celebrate it in October. We don't know when her birthday is, but we are happy to have a holiday. Queen Elizabeth is the Queen of England and also the Queen of Australia.

Christmas is a religous holiday. It is on December 25 and celebrates the birth of Jesus. No-one is really sure when he was born, but this day has been celebrated traditionally. Christmas is a time for families and giving gifts. Children get lots of gifts at this time of year.

Boxing Day is on December 26. No-one knows why this is a holiday. There are several different stories about how it started and what it is. It has become part of our Christmas holiday.