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The Gold Coast

Read the text. Then listen to the questions below.

The Gold Coast is the fastest growing part of Australia. It is 1000 kilometres north of Sydney. It has a wonderful climate. Winter day time temperatures are 18 - 22 celsius and summer temperatures are 26 - 32. It is a tourist city.
It is famous for its long, clean beaches. Life guards patrol the beaches during the day. Visitors should swim between the red and yellow flags. The beaches are also great for surfing and there are many schools ready to give you surfing lessons.
Just a few kilometres from the coast are the mountains. They are called 'the Hinterland.' It is a great place to visit. You can go hiking, visit a waterfall or go horse riding. The air is wonderfully fresh and clean. If you are lucky you might see kangaroos and koalas.
There are several theme parks on the Gold Coast. The most famous are Movie World, DreamWorld and SeaWorld. They provide hours of fun and entertainment for the family.
There are several modern air-conditioned shopping centres with a combination of indoor air-conditioned malls and outdoor market areas. The best known are Pacific Fair and Robina Town Centre.
There are many great restaurants and bistros for relaxed dining. Many restaurants and coffee shops have tables outdoors.

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