Vacation English Course




Look at the picture on the right. Can you name the three things you can see?

Yes! The Opera House is the white building with the strange roof. Behind that you can see the Sydney Harbour Bridge. In the front you can see a ferry.

You will hear two people talking about Sydney. What do they talk about? Read the list below. Choose yes if they talk about it and no if they don't talk about it.


Listen and read the words. Do you hear the word/s? Choose
yes or no.

yes no 1. Sydney
yes no 2. ferry
yes no 3. the harbour
yes no 4. The Rocks
yes no 5. Sydney Harbour Bridge
yes no 6. climbing the bridge
yes no 7. the Opera House
yes no 8. trains
yes no 9. the Olympic Stadium
yes no 10. the monorail
yes no 11. the aquarium
yes no 12. Bondi Beach
yes no 13. restaurants
yes no 14. the Zoo

Score =