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The Platypus




Platypus Reading

Read about the platypus. Some words are missing. Choose the best word.

The platypus is one of the world's most unusual animals. Its mouth and feet look a duck. Its tail looks like an American beaver. It lays eggs, but it also feeds its babies milk. So it is a mammal.

It is about 45 centimetres long and for around 6 years. It has a poisonous spur on its back feet and poison a human or kill a dog. It is a very shy animal though and will only attack if in danger. Usually it is very hard to find them in their natural environment. They will stay out of your way.

The platypus in eastern parts of Australia rivers. In the water it closes its eyes and ears. It uses its mouth (bill) to know where it is.

Recent studies have found that many of them live near the Yarra River and other rivers in Melbourne. Many have been found 15 kilometres from the centre of the city. The government is improving the river and the surrounding areas. Recently a few platypuses have been found closer to the city.